Teenage acne a problem in your house? Or do you suffer yourself? Read along...

Teenage acne a problem in your house? Or do you suffer yourself? Read along...

Teenagers and acne seem to go hand in hand. There can be many factors that lead to the cause of teenage acne but generally this is how it works.

When we start puberty and all the hormones are raging, the body starts to produce more oil in its pores. Teenagers can be notorious for not having the most amazing of hygiene standards and with the excess oil production and not having a proper cleansing routine this can be a recipe for disaster.

When the skin produces this extra oil and the face isn't then cleaned properly to remove it, dead skin build up happens. The dead skin building up on the surface of the skin means the excess oil cannot escape and so it clogs the pores where the oil is being produced. Then the term blackhead is born. A blackhead is basically oil that has built up but not been able to escape so when the oil has reached the surface of the skin the oil changes colour once it oxidises and creates a little plug. When the skin isn't cleaned efficiently the oil can then keep building up under the surface and create pustules (pimples) where they become raised and sometimes inflamed.

As mentioned, not cleansing the skin may not be the only factor in teenage acne. Sometimes diet, food intolerance, allergies or environmental factors can cause acne is anyone, not just teenagers.

Cleansing each evening and a mask 1-2 times a week can help. Using a mask that has antibacterial properties to help kill that surface bacteria could be instrumental in helping keep the pimples at bay.

The SKIN by dna cleanser will help break down the oil on the surface of the skin. It contains Natural Kakadu Plum Essential Oils to help to purify and kill off surface bacteria.

Combining the daily cleansing with a mask twice a week will help the progress. Our Balancing Enzyme mask with Tea Tree is here to help. With Australian Green Clay and Tea Tree that will help draw out impurities and kill off surface bacteria. Pineapple Enzymes and Organic Rice are used to remove dead skin cells leaving the skin surface cleaner and clearer.

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