Winter skin driving you mad?

Winter skin driving you mad?

In winter our skin dries out. Essentially because we rug up more, use warmer water in our showers and due to the elements.


To help keep your skin its best through winter we suggest 2 things. Changing your usual gel cleanser to a cream cleanser and adding in a facial oil.


You can use the cream cleanser like our SKIN by dna cream cleanser as your first cleanse at night or as both steps in your two step cleasning routine. SImply massage over your face and remove with warm water and a facialtowel/washer.


Adding in our Argan Oil to your night moisturier or layering it between your serums and moisturiser at night helps your skin retain its oil balance thrugh the colder months.

Our argan oil is also great for your hair, knees and elbows and rubbing into your cuticles.