Cosmetic Tattoo by The Brow Stylists

Please visit their website and social media pages to view photos of their work. You can either contact us here at DNA or the Brow Stylists directly to arrange an appointment. 

Dates that they are at DNA are as follows –

  • Possibly 2022 due to backlog from shutdown period

 The Brow Stylists are a group of highly trained specialists in the form of cosmetic tattoo.

Our passion is to create effortlessly defined, balanced and natural looking brows to enhance ones beauty – working with the natural landscape, bone structure, hair line, face shape and skin tone of each individual client.

Their signature feather-touch brows have the ability to transform your brows and frame your face, all whilst looking completely natural.

They mimic the natural brow hairs whilst sculpting the brows to suit the individuals desired look and needs – from filling in sparse areas to subtly changing the colour of the brows.


An expert, highly trained eyebrow technician completes each ‘hair-stroke’ by hand.

Their services range from one-on-one consultations through to our signature microbladed brows through to colour boosts up to 18 months post your initial treatment.