At DNA we proudly use our own spray tanning formulation products and also have tanning after care available for you to purchase so you can get the most out of your spray tan in 3 hours wash off time

Tanning do's and don'ts

Before you come in for a tan you need to prepare your skin to help your tan last. Do any hair removal like shaving/waxing at least 24 hours before.

Exfoliate using a loofa and a non-oil based body wash in the shower just before coming in. Don’t rub your skin raw, just be nice and thorough.

Don’t wear any creams, deodorant or perfumes to your appointment if possible as this can affect he tan and make it go strange colours like orange (no one likes a orange tan!!)

We provide a disposable g-string and a head cap and barrier cream for your palms or dry patches of skin. You are more than welcome to wear your own undergarments to have your tan, preferably in a dark colour.

Tan does wash out of clothing but maybe best not to wear a good pair of knickers!

We have 4 different tanning solutions in stock at any one time so we can customise your tan to you – light, medium, dark and ultra dark. Our tan solution are made with 100% Organic DHA (DHA is the active ingredient in tanning solutions which is what colours the skin)…. and our personal favourite, Its your choice which solution you go with. If you are unsure of which to go with, our therapists can guide you as to what we think would be best for your skin tone.

We apply 2 fine coats with all of our tans, this ensures you get 7-10 days out of your tan in conjunction with the proper home care.

Moisturising from after day 1 for the duration of the tan will help ensure it stays looking good and not ‘crack’ or come off patchy. However things like excessive sweating or chlorine and swimming can affect the look and last of your spray tan.

Natural looking spray tans by experienced staff who have all the hints and knowledge to make you look like you’ve just been on a European Holiday….. not just to Rouse Hill.


  • Full Body $45
  • Half Body $30 (from waist up, or waist down) 
  • ‘I’m going out tonight’ Package – $119

    Gel/Shellac polish on hands + feet and full body spray tan 

    It is recommended that you shave 24 hours prior to tanning. Shower and exfoliate with a non-oil based exfoliant and do not wear any perfume, deodorant or moisturisers when coming in for your tan.


Raining on the day you’re getting your tan? As glamorous as this sounds, we suggest wearing track pants, an over-sized hoodie and a pair of ugg boots. This way you’re pretty much completely covered getting in and out of the car…. an umbrella wouldn’t go astray either!

 “HELP! I just washed my tan off and it all washed down the drain!!!”

Don't panic, this is completely normal. After you have washed your 3 hour tan off it will in fact look like it has all gone. The colour will continue to develop over the next 24-36 hours. Ensure you moisturise DAILY, especially after showering – this is what is going to make your tan last longer. Tan sticks to skin cells, the more you keep those skin cells on there the longer and healthier your tan will last!