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Please note that we hand file, we do not use the drill in any of our nail services at DNA. All nail clients are required to wash their hands before their nail service and then utilise the hand sanitizer on our tables.

All nail dipping clients will have their own file pack that is yours for us to use to complete your nail service. You can either keep it and bring it with you each time or we can store it in salon for you. If you forget to bring it to your next appointment, there will be a $5 charge to replace it.

please note - The youngest client we will do SNS on is for their year 10 formal. Any younger than this we feel the nail bed it not mature enough for such a nail enhancement and it can cause unnecessary damage.

The best place to see photos of our nail work is on our Instagram page – search #dnabeautytherapy

A few little things to note…

We want to just clear up a few things that gets asked often about us and also about SNS.

SNS stands for Signature Nail System. SNS is a product, not a process. The process is known as nail dipping or acrylic dipping.

There is more than one brand of ‘SNS’. We use a few different brands of nail dipping systems. We find no one brand to be any better than the other. Please rest assured, we would never use an inferior product in your nail services.

Worried about hygiene or cross contamination?

For bacteria to grow, it needs a warm, wet environment. The nail dipping pots are all dry powder and kept at room temperature. We NEVER dip a clients fingers into one of the pots if they have an open wound.

All clients hands are wrapped in acetone with any removal and reapply service…. and acetone is sure to kill anything in its path.

We also have hand sanitizer on each of our nail tables and around the salon that is frequently utilised.

A nail dipping service is no more unhygienic than any other nail service. For example, the same bottle of nail polish is used across many different clients in all salons. And a nail technician who does traditional acrylic uses the same brush on you as they do on all their other clients.

A product cannot be sold and distributed in Australia without going through proper FDA testing and quarantine checks and adhering to certain standards set by the ACCC in Product Safety. You’re more likely to get more bacteria on your hands by touching a lift button or a door handle than you are by having a nail dipping service.

We know we charge more than ‘other places’. But we don’t think we are anything like those salons. We feel we are actually quite the opposite. We don’t think we are expensive, we actually feel that some other nail service salons are cheap and sometimes very nasty and can cheapen the work we do.

We hand file so no drill is ever used, our salon is clean, we use new files and buffers and disposable implements when ever possible. We feel that the experience you get at our salon is far greater than at one of those other nail bars.

We also offer other beauty treatments like facials and massage and have a doctor come in for things like anti-wrinkle injections and filler. We try to be everything that those places aren’t. And on another note – we charge GST, pay ALL our insurances and staff correctly and our EFTPOS is always working. We speak to you, and not everyone around you and try to make everyone who walks through our door feel welcome and comfortable.

We get busy and booked out in advance and we understand that this can sometimes be frustrating but please understand we are not a cast of thousands and we like to allow adequate time for each and every client we see.

At DNA Beauty Therapy Rouse Hill we pride ourselves on being a provider of quality services over a quantity of services.

Check out our Facebook page for photos of all of our Signature Nail System and nail dipping services done at our Rouse Hill salon. SNS and nail dipping systems like OPI, Kiara Sky, NuGenessis and Revel Nail is taking over Sydney and we have been doing our nail dipping services in salon since late 2014. Scroll down to see photos of our nail dipping work.

Signature Nail System French Manicure
We do nails the ‘old fashioned’ way. With a nail file by hand. We never use the drill, ever.

This ensures that your comfort and peace of mind is in tact. We do not peel or force acrylic off the nail plate when doing an acrylic removal, we soak the nails in acetone and gently buff them down. We never use the drill in any of our nail services, ever!

Come to our nail salon in The Hills District that actually cares about the health of your own natural nails.

None of our nail products contain the harmful ingredient called MMA. You can read more about the harmful affects of MMA and how to recognize it here

We do Signature Nail Systems (SNS) which is a product between gel polish and acrylic. Less buffing, less odour, no UV light and no damage to the natural nail bed even after removal. The youngest client we will do SNS on is for their year 10 formal. Any younger than this we feel the nail bed it not mature enough for such a nail enhancement and it can cause unnecessary damage.

SNS, OPI Dip Color, Kiara Sky, Nu Genessis and Revel Nail are a nail dipping system that is made up of a glue base with an acrylic powder. The particles of the powder are much finer than traditional acrylic so this aids in the easy removal of the product between colour changes. We believe that SNS (Signature Nail System) was one of the first to create the nail/acrylic dipping system. Since its launch many other brands are now coming into the market. We are currently using and stocking SNS, OPI, Kiara Sky, Revel nail and NuGenessis. We on occasion might try out other brands of nail dipping system but we will always try and test these products on our self to ensure its quality before using it in salon.

A nail dip service will give you the look and strength of acrylic but the colour and ease of wear of Shellac or Gel Polish. SNS will not damage your own natural nails when applied and removed correctly. We do not use the drill in our nail services… all SNS or Gel Polish are soaked off, the right way. We wrap each finger individually in foil with cotton wool soaked in acetone. We then gently ease off the product on your nail taking care not to damage your own nails in the process. As mentioned, we don’t use the drill… we don’t even own one!

Visit our Facebook page to see photos and videos of what SNS looks like… you will love it!

Please note – if you already have acrylic on your nails and are wanting to get the SNS this is not a problem, we can remove your existing acrylic safely by soaking. There may be an excess charge for acrylic removal.

So say you have acrylic on, and you want to have a new set of SNS overlay to your own natural nails. We would need to soak off the acrylic, depending on how long this takes and the type of product used this cost is from $20. Some acrylics that other salons use have a product in them called MMA. This type of acrylic is basically like trying to remove cement from the nails, this is why some nail bars drill or force the acrylic off the nails and not soak it. Soaking is the longer option but it is much safer and healthier for the natural nail. We do not know if your acrylic has MMA in it until we start the soaking process.

You would then have the SNS placed onto your nails. If your own nails are long enough we can overlay the SNS on your own nails or we can apply tips for length. We much prefer to apply the nail dipping system to your own nails. The product sits much nicer on a natural nail and allows the natural nail to grow out much healthier. We are doing our nails for longevity, not just to look good for the weekend. We are the experts and we appreciate that you come to us for your nail services, so please trust us when we recommend what we feel is best for your nails.

A nail dipping service like SNS is not for everyone. SNS is a product that suits being over laid to your own natural nails best. Even if they are short, we generally can overlay the product to your own nails. We can apply tips for some length if needed but most start off with just an overlay.

SNS will even out your own nail bed to help make all your nails look more unified. It will not however change the length of your own nails or how they grow. If your nails flick up naturally then the SNS will help change this look but it will still follow the natural growth of your own nails.