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We offer a complete range of  Waxing Treatments at DNA Beauty Therapy

Hygienic, thorough, experienced and efficient. Our beauty salon has an extremely high focus on hygiene and we scored 100% in our most recent council health inspection. We do not ‘double dip’ into our wax pots.

We use both hot and strip wax in our waxing treatments. If you have a preference please just let us know.

For all large area waxing (arms, legs, chest etc) we use a disposable wax cartridge system which is one per client and we dispose of any remaining wax after each client. We use all disposable waxing applicators in our services and never ‘double dip’ in our wax pots.

Waxing and skin medications – Please always inform your therapist if you are using Retinol, Roaccutane or any form of medication that may effect the skin.

Caring for your Brazilian

We pride ourselves on our cleanliness so we hope you do also. Ladies, for all intimate waxing services please ensure you take a nice warm shower and thoroughly clean your pubic area prior to your treatment.

Your hair should be between 1cm and 2cm long, any longer or shorter than this and it can cause breakage to the hair and irritation to the skin. We provide a paper G-String And refresher towels for your convenience